Thursday, February 12, 2009

hate israel! boycott them...

People of good conscience have chosen to boycott israeli products and companies supporting the zionist entity. The open criminal done by israel against Palestinians now should be stopped! Nothing much we can do to help Palestinians and their country unless boycott israeli product and their criminal members. We individually have the power of choice to buy one product over another or to simply for go a purchase entirely. If more and more people around the world do the same, the pressure will become powerful enough to force a positive change. We each can also help by asking our family members and friends to do the same.

Now, im doing what im supposed to...some products that i've been using for a long time need to be stop! Yes..stop! Here are some products that i have been used before and not anymore...

My 2009 Resolution

I wish to do something for myself in this year 2009. Do not know how..but i'll try my best to go for it!

1. I need to lose weight..YES,I HAVE TO
- 56 (Ya Tuhan...)my target is 49 and we will see

2. I need to gain knowledge on sumtin
- i am saving now..hopefully no obstacle..haha

3. I need to continue my study..YES,I WILL
- after consultation with my knowlegable siblings..i think i deserve it. pernah berangan nak continue study oversea..just wait and see also

4. I need to decorate my house as what i have planned before
- share with husband to enlarge the kitchen,choose cabinet n make small garden in front of our house..budget?? RM30,000 hmm...

5. I need to continue my makeUp class with Juewin as soon as possible
- the fee was totally i need to finish it
- plan for partime job after makeUp class

6. I need to revise my salary
- need to divide the money equally from most to least

7. I need to find one credit card for myself..hehe
- i think maybank is better kot..(discuss ngan anong later)

8. I need to be a less spender
- already planned to go traveling to some places for this whole year

9. I need to take care of my bonda
- since i was no longer in Terengganu..i need to spend my time wisely when it comes to school holiday..whereas, aku kangen Terengganu so much!

10.I need to prepare myself for the future baby
- hopefully that moment will come nearby ...hehe

what will u do when u get bonus??

last night..after maghrib prayer, my husband asked me what is our plan for that night. i was blurred on that time to answer his question. so, i asked him back.."plan?..kita ada plan ke?" then, he smiles very d lebar.. nak dijadikan kes..i saw 2 letters in his working i tried to grab that but he refuses to gave me.after fight-fight manja..aku dapat la tgk the content of the letter. i knew..he got 4 months bonus...kaya siottttttt! Apa lagi..that night we went to Plaza Pelangi..THANK U to him coz bought me a Louis Jeans trousers. After spending on garment, we went for makan-makan at StoneGrill.The place where we like most to go. Dah kali ke brape aku pon dah x ingat..but we had a good time there semalam..THANKS again to anong!

1. New Zealand Sirlion Steak
2. Chicken Grilled + Fried Rice
3. Black Pepper Sauce Whipped Potatoes
4. Tuna Salad
6. Moccachino

~need rejuvenate~

from now onwards..i'm no longer as a teacher in SMK Jengka 24, Pahang..really2 feel so sad right know. Actually, early January dah aku bertukar ke Jay one side, aku rasa happy gak coz dah bleh stay umah the same time dekat la ngan suami.. BUT ..bila aku pikir2 balik...arrrRRrggHHHh tekanannya! I think i'm not so happy to be in a new school..environment mmg berbeza amat.. i missed SMK J24 very much... teachers there.. the students n mostly my table.. working at a new place give me lots of pressure. aku x nak bagitau anong,nnt dia ingat dia plak yang paksa2 aku tukar jay bee...hmm. Konklusinya, I need to be passionate enough to be a good servant. Forget everything that will put myself into pressure..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

fun time with family members...

3 days before school session begin, my family members (mak..akak and lovely anak sedara) went to my house in Gelang Patah, Jay Bee. I was so happy becoz this is the best part for me to spend my time with anak-anak sedara tersayang. So, my husband and i've planned to bring them to Kota Tinggi waterfall and also Danga Bay. Besides those places, kitaorang also went for shopping at Plaza Angsana and Jusco (new branch at Bukit Indah)...last but not least.. makan-makan at Restoran Singgah Selalu... thanks to my sis for her time. even though my bro could not make it to be with us..perhaps some other time it will happen.

Jalan-Jalan during School Break

Last week, my husband brought me to Melacca to spend our time during school break. We haven't been anywhere 'togader-gader' we went to of history. Since Jay Bee is near to Melaka, so we have decided to be there 2 days only. Melacca Equatorial Hotel in the middle of Bandar Hilir (kalau x salah la..) is the best place that we've chosen to stayed. Senang nak move dalam bandar Melaka. During our time here, no shopping at all..we just visited places that attracted us to be there. By the way, this holiday was fun where we also decide to go to Langkawi next, Langkawi...wait for us!

Kenduri in Pontian...

21.12.08 - after went for a kenduri at Maran Pahang, yesterday the bride and the groom hold their 2nd majlis in Pontian. So, my whole family and I went to Pontian. The theme was green but most of our family members pakai baju tak ikut tema pun...suka hati je..haha
my huband and his siblings were busy melayan tetamu kat luar while my sisters in law and i were busy kat dapur..sampai sakit pinggang far, the wedding ceremony was good for the pengantin..but not for us sebab kitaorang penat..hehe. So, here some candid pictures from the wedding ceremony.